Jared Dunn

My name is Jared Dunn with Century 21 BE3, and I am the LIFE COACH AGENT located in Winter Garden, Florida. As the Life Coach Agent, I believe every client’s real estate experience should be much more than transactional, it should be relational, memorable, and transformational. My ability to serve as your Realtor as well as being able to provide leadership, strategic guidance, care, and compassion is my value proposition to my clients. It makes me unique in my approach to connection with my clients, and gives me the ability to utilize my passions, gifts, and expertise, so that I can make a difference in you and your families lives both in the short term and the long term. As a Realtor with a RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist Divorce) designation, I assist divorcing homeowners in the gathering of house documents and scheduling consultations to preserve home ownership eligibility and prevent credit damage. . .with the hope that they achieve financial freedom from the house (even if they keep it) and from each other. For my Mediation/Lawyer/Financial colleagues, my goal is to help them complete the case file and help their clients make an informed decision regarding real property and secured house debt by gathering house documents/information and scheduling consultations. I offer my clients a very unique and different experience compared to most other real estate agents. My goal is to add extra value, exceed expectations and transform lives by utilizing my combined real estate, executive leadership and strategic consulting, and life coaching experience. I believe my clients are worth more than just a single transaction, but rather I want to build a relationship where I become your realtor for life. Contact Details: JARED DUNN Realtor / RCS-D™ Century 21 Beggins Enterprises c: (407) 493-8872 e: jareddunn@c21be.com w: www.LifeCoachAgent.com fb: LifeCoachAgent

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