Cheryl Powers

I'm a collaborative trained Certified Value Growth and Exit/Succession Planning Professional specializing in helping lower-mid market and mid-market owners grow their businesses, grow their personal wealth and plan their next chapter. I often work as the quarterback/coach for the interdisciplinary professional teams (M&A Advisor/Business Intermediary, Business Attorney, Wealth Advisor, CPA, Valuation Specialist, Mental Health Professional, etc.)we assemble to help clients with transition planning, which includes succession and exit plans. My firm, helps business owners create significant companies that drive impact for their customers, engaging and meaningful work for their employees, and wealth and legacy for themselves. Our clients hire us because they want help with: > Growth > Cash Flow > Strategy > Operations > Compensation Plans > Recruiting > Sales Architecture + Enablement > Sales & Ops Management > Enterprise Value Acceleration > Preparing for Sale/Acquisition > Exit Planning > Family Business Stabilization > Entrepreneurial Couple Coaching We also help clients with: • Revenue growth strategies • Managing and leading for fast growth • Operations improvement • People & culture improvement • Family business & partnership resolution • More business in the pipeline • More reliable sales forecasts • More effective salespeople • More effective sales and operational management • Win more against competitors • Owner Freedom & Wealth • Family Business & Partnership • Entrepreneurial Couple Coaching • Sales & Operational Excellence • Strategic Growth Initiatives • Sales and Operations Recruitment • Sales Process and Methodology Training & Implementation • Sales Force Evaluation • Sales Talent Management, Structure & Compensation • Sales & Operational Culture Development Industries: • Manufacturing • Distribution • Renewables • Biotech • Business/Professional Services • Luxury B2C • Construction & Trades • Advertising • Hospitality • Healthcare • Education • Transportation • Business Information • Telecom • Energy

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